Is film or Video editing is a good career

Is film or Video editing is a good career

Ask: I’m 13 years old and thinking about becoming a film editor, as I love video editing and usually do practice it a lot and edit on my free time. I so far use Sony Vegas and other few programs and practice editing videos that I make on youtube and love doing. I’m thinking to really start going further into this and pursue this dream although I have some questions!

– Is Video Editing is a good career and can I make a living from it?
– At what age can I really start filming after I take all the courses and classes for it?
– Is it tough to get into Hollywood?
– Is youtube a good way too show my talent and get started?

Annswer: If you want a chance at a Hollywood film editor career, you have to go to film school, and that means UCLA. It is extremely difficult to get in! You need top grades, extracurricular activities which show your leadership, etc, abilities, things which show your creative talents. Your Youtube videos might make up part of your portfolio for admission to college/film school.

I know some Hollywood film editors – there are no “jobs!” It is always all freelance, so you need business and marketing skills to get producers and directors to sign you to editing contracts for various projects. Film editors basically own their own business. Your equipment is going to cost you a fortune, although some contract work might be done in the studios. Some editors make a very great deal of money, and some go bust, many never even make it through film school.

If this is what you want, and if you are smart enough, tough enough, determined enough, talented enough, then work your butt off and make it happen.

To become a film editor in Hollywood standard is Difficult. But if you take a low compotition its good to start. You might produce (shoot, edit) and promote your crativity to people in you City region where you live. Start to learn, practise, learn dan practise …. you will get Succes.